United States Citizenship Application and Test

August 21, 2009

Last year, there were more than one million immigrants became new citizens of United States of America. If you are a legal permanent resident of United States, and you have physically lived in USA for at least five years, you can apply for U.S. citizenship. The application process is also called “Naturalization”. It usually takes 1 year or so to complete the whole process. However, the time varies from case to case and state by state. The whole application procedure is quite complicated. I spent a lot of time in research and investigate the laws about this. One day, I visited a US citizenship of American web site and found it is very helpful. It provides all the information I need to apply for the citizenship.

First, I would recommend you apply by using their simplified “United States Citizenship Application Package“. This package walks you through the process and provide details steps for you to complete your application. The package is downloadable and can be used instantly after your payment. Free Citizenship forms are included. This price of the package is discounted and is the lowest I found on internet. So highly recommended!

Second, I found their web site provided a Free Online American Citizenship Practice Test. It is a extremely useful tool to prepare for the interview of your test. You can choose questions related to your state and practice with your local questions. The test contains 5-50 questions of the government, congress, juridiciton, culture, geography, history etc. After each exam, you can review and check your answers.

Third, there is an online evaluation tool that allows you to find out if you are eligible for American naturalization application. Good to check before you start to apply.

Fourth, there is a knowledge base giving you information about your State, such as senators, governor.

You can visit this citizenship one stop site directly: http://www.800citizen.com